Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hushe Valley, Pakistan
This was our home for the month, not a bad place!

My first 24 hours in Pakistan ended here. 14,000 ft. pass, army check point, we had to stay here for fear of being robbed traveling at night.

 Skardu, this was the jeep that would take us up to Hushe.

 First day and we already have our first climb scouted. 16 pitch 7c+

 This is Doug with Hushe down below.

 On clear days we had a great view of Masherbrum.

 Little higher on the route, one of the crux pitches, 7c+

 Myself on the summit
Great day!

 Ali & Rasool, they were our constant companions. Two great guys!

This was our next climb, turned out to be dirty rock so we bailed after 5 pitches.

This was 6oz. of milk that destroyed me for about a week. Doug commented as he took this picture
"Here is the last picture of Rusty before we call Global Rescue!"

Rasool and I visiting with the women that gave us the milk. This was in a valley above Hushe.

 After I recovered we turned our attention to this unclimbed peak.
The photo only shows the first buttress, which we climbed at 5.11-.

 This was the crux pitch.

Higher on the ridge above the initial buttress. We bivied not far from here at 16,000ft..

Doug with the unclimbed summit behind. That night we got rain and snow and bailed in the morning.

Another climb, Stago Peak, Doug leads out.

 Rasools wife and new daughter.

 Ali with his family at there home.
the climbing was great but making friends like this is priceless!

 Some of the guys at the hotel playing a board game.

 Our room, not a bad base camp. The food was excellent also.

12 steak kabobs, rotti bread & a coke, Back in Islamabad. Not  bad way to end the trip!

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